• Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Birmingham

Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

Mechanical and Electrical Contractors; the original inspiration and birthplace of our company.

Achieving great success as M&E contractors, we were able to take the knowledge we'd gained in project management, logistics, and communication and apply it to the construction industry. With a team of highly skilled, multi-skilled trades people, we evolved into a full-service provider able to create turnkey projects managing all trades in-house. But at the heart of the company we are Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Contractors and with great pride believe it’s what we do best.

M & E installation covers a broad range of elements to all construction projects and is one of the oldest branches of engineering. Keeping up with the latest and most innovative technology available on the market, we have been able to refine our service and professionally develop our engineers to be the best in their field of work. Making sure that they are also fully trained in all health and safety procedures for all on-site operations, they are always prepared. Learn about the Finham Park School project here. As professional Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Birmingham, we cover the whole of the West Midlands.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineers Birmingham

As professional mechanical engineering contractors, our services are carried out by our in-house engineers, directly employed, trained, and developed by the Cameron Butcher. With a background in design, we can also tailor your scheme to fully meet your requirements as well as install, providing a seamless, turnkey solution for your project.

All our employed M and E Contractors are trained to the highest level and accredited by Gas Safe and NIC-EIC

We specialise in:
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Public Health – i.e. draining services.
  • Fire AlarmsPower / Lighting Circuits
  • Access and Intruder alarms

Mechanical and Electrical Contractors West Midlands

Need help with your project? We are happy to help put budget prices together for both Mechanical and Electrical work, or if you are at the stage of requiring a fix price tender, we can certainly advise on that too. As consultants and specialists with some of the most highly trained Mechanical and Electrical Engineers in Birmingham, West Midlands, we provide a comprehensive service offering both design and installation .

So, if you are looking for Mechanical and Electrical Contractors Birmingham, feel free to call us on 0845 900 5762 or email us here. As M and E Contractors we won't let you down.

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