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Birmingham Business Charter

Cameron Butcher is a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible construction company.

What is a Business Charter?

The Birmingham Charter is a corporate social responsibility charter and an official supervisory body. It is recognised for ensuring and overseeing that all of its members abide by the ethical standards that are expected for good business practice. As a member, we have committed to the following:
  • Employing locally where possible and giving locals a chance to work within their city to reduce the environmental and social effects of commuting.
  • Buying locally to increase the financial and economic benefits to the local community and support local businesses.
  • Contributing to the local community and demonstrating how we are providing practical and financial support in order to help spread the benefits of staying local and working as part of a community partnership.
  • Recognised as good employer and demonstrating how we professionally develop our staff and make sure they are paid fairly.
  • Showing efficiency in areas of energy consumption and use of other resources, minimising waste and protecting the environment in an effort to be green and sustainable.
  • Applying the highest ethical standards of procurement in all areas of business within the supply chain.

Active members of the local Birmingham community, providing financial and practical support.

Why is all of this important?

It is important because, while construction and development are a necessary part of society so is taking responsibility for how this affects our community, our people, and our planet through practices of ethical sourcing and responsible energy consumption.

We know that if we invest in people, and in what they care about, people and businesses will invest in us. We truly believe that the efforts we put into conducting business fairly and responsibly, will produce a return for us that is just as rewarding as doing the right thing.

We want to pave the way for Cameron Butcher to be pioneers in our industry; a trusted and highly respected company, leading the way for the best practice in construction and engineering.

For more information contact us on 0845 900 5762 or contact us here, we will be happy to assist you anyway we can.