Creating a feature wall

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Here at Cameron Butcher we like to do things right, not just from a technical aspect but from an aesthetic point of view too. We like the work we do to be both functional/fit for purpose, and to look great. Over the last few months we’ve been working towards our office relocation at Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham which was an opportunity to showcase our skills.

Wall with dotted linesSteven (the boss) had given Nick our in-house joiner the brief, it was simple enough; create a wall with double doors and make sure no one knows the doors are there.

It’s a simple enough idea until you sit down to work out how to do it, then like most things it needs a little more thought.

Looking at a door we have two points of reference where the doors fit into the opening, the vertical and horizontal lines or gaps that the eye picks out, which in itself forms a feature.

Timber clad wall

Timber Cladding Birmingham

Having done a bit of research and playing about with a few different ideas the perfect solution was found. By cladding the wall with vertical wooden slats and creating a feature joint to break up the wall, the doors could be hidden behind the shadow gaps created. Nick did a test piece and hay presto, it was perfect. The wall was painted dark brown to help create the sense of nothingness behind the cladding and the timber cladding prepared and stained ready to be fixed.

To finish the job off we created a pelmet and skirting board to match and LED down-lighters to enhance a wall that had previously been a bit of an eye sore.


Finished Timber Clad Wall

Result! The brief was fulfilled and now, unless you look really carefully you would never know there was a pair of doors there; everyone is happy.

“Nick’s done a really great job of hiding the doors. That particular wall was a real problem to us as the electric meters to the whole industrial estate are sited behind it so we were a bit limited to what we could do. In a room with no windows we wanted make sure we had features that enhanced the work space for our staff so this was a perfect solution” said Steven.

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