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Office Dilapidations Birmingham West Midlands

Based in Birmingham Dilapidations work has been a sector that we have been involved with for many years, and having a team of trades people able to cope with the variety of work we encounter has been critical to our success.
Have you been asked to carry out dilapidations before moving out of your rented property? Many commercial landlords require you to return the property to its original state before departing, and that’s where our team of specialist tradespeople come into their own. With extensive experience in building and
refurbishments, we can help you to transfer your rented industrial unit or office back to how it was when you first moved it.

As a commercial customer, you will not want to incur extra costs at the termination of your rental period simply because you have modified the building and not put it back to its former state.

Helping you with Dilapidations work at the beginning of an Industrial or Office let?

Working alongside you and your landlord if necessary, we can assist you in getting the property ready for you to use at the start of the tenancy period too, and you can rest assured that we have been carrying out dilapidations in Birmingham for many years.

What makes Cameron Butcher a great Office Dilapidations Company to work with?

  • We work on all office projects large and small
  • We carry out dilapidation works for both Industrial and commercial properties
  • Our skilled workforce boasts many years’ experience
  • We employ our own team of M & E Engineers
  • We insist our sites are safe for our employees and anyone living or working near them
  • We are open, honest and will not surprise you with hidden costs

What will a typical commercial or office dilapidations project include?

  • Internal and external maintenance
  • Repairs to fixtures and fittings
  • Painting and decorating

With our team of expert builders, Carpenters, Painters and Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, let Cameron Butcher bring your building back up to spec. Like to see more? Take a look as some of our own office dilapidations work that we carried out on our HO just off Spaghetti Junction.  As part of the refurbishment we created a pair of secret doors to hide an unsightley meter cupboard.

So, if you need help with your industrial or office dilapidations in Birmingham, big or small give us a call on Birmingham (0121) 458 6677 or email us here.