• Dudley Community Church

Welcome to the Gallery Page for Dudley Community Church & Counselling Centre - New Build Project.

In planning for a few years, it's a pleasure to be working with the church committee and finally making a start on the new counselling centre. The building and services delivered from it are of great importance to the local community, and we are very pleased to play our role. As Church Building Contractors we have a great deal of experience in building this type of facility and relish making a start. Our Project Manager Harsimran S. Sidhu is available to answer any questions you have and can be contacted at a dedicated email set up for the project dcc@cameronbutcher.co.uk

Are you looking for a Church Building Contractor? Or maybe you need an extension to an existing building! Feel free to call us on 08459005762 or for general enquiries email us at info@cameronbutcher.co.uk
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