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Nursing Home Construction

When building or extending a nursing home, you are involved with a process that goes way beyond merely constructing "another building". The thought, consideration and passion that goes into the home feels different to a standard build, and you get a real sense of the responsibility when you meet some of the end users. It is at this point that you are reminded of the importance of the thing you are creating; a building that will be in use 24/7 by people in their twilight years, people that need to be surrounded by the security and comfort of a dwelling they can call home.

Severn Heights Nursing Home already offers accommodation for 30 residents, and with the construction of the extension, a further 18 rooms will become available. As a Nursing Home Construction company, we are thoroughly familiar with all the associated regulations in this sector and have experience of dealing with the Care Quality Commission for many years.

This page has been developed to enable you to follow the build as it progresses.

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